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cambridge hen parties planning

cambridge hen parties planning

hen party badges
hen party badges

The hen party is a main event in the diary of any bride to be and its important that the occasion is marked with activities and events that will be remembered and talked about for years to come. Cambridge Hen parties are absolutely meant for girls. It is the sweet break from the ties of life and float into a surreal world, where you can do and think exactly the way you want. party hotels give girls the wonderful chance to pull up their socks and take part in the hullabaloo.

But when you come to a hen party there is no room for long faces. You should be there to encourage the bride, who by now must be getting cold feet, to share with her some of the tricks to keep a marriage healthy and alive and to enjoy this unique night of her life. That is why you need to leave your worries at home and be ready to be a good friend.

Now, with regards stag parties, it's worth keeping in mind that you have different options open to you, depending on how much money and resources everyone is willing pitch in. For example, if you don't want to hire a venue, you can always pick a "wild outdoors" theme. On the other hand, if the couple wants a beach wedding, you can always have your stag party at the beach. So don't get too hung up on venues. You can have a stag party at any place, provided you and your team are creative enough to pull it off.

Scavenger hunt is a yet another great hen night game that helps to build team work and adds everyone together as a group while they can have fun playing the game. The hostess hides some objects in the house and note down some clues consisting what are the items and where they might be found. The girls are divided into teams to find the object and the one come up with all of them gets a reward.

This is a really popular hen party game and requires a bunch of lads as well as ladies. So step one is to find a few lads who are game enough to play. Make two mixed teams, boy/girl, boy/girl. Now pass a long balloon held between the knees from one partner to the next all the way up the line. No hands please. Winners decide forfeit from losing team.

If you are an organizer of this party, or the star guest you have plenty accessories to choose from for a party, starting with games to custom made invitations, hint or explicit toy themes, costumes, cocktails, decorations, special waiters, party dresses, bridal ornaments, sashes and many more, the possibilities are endless. All you need is a bit of imagination and an internet page for guidance, specialized site who can provide plenty ideas.

So if you want less stress on the day you say yes, plan ahead! Make sure those little details are taken care of, so you can enjoy a stress free day that may well be the best one of your life!

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